New sports equipment for the children of the admitting department Lebach


Just before Christmas BONOFA CEO Detlef Tilgenkamp visited the children of the admitting department Lebach. He brought them exercise balls, jumping ropes, sports mats, hoola hoops and a trampoline. The children were very excited. Thanks to this donation, the existing sports and exercise…

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BONOFA delivers donation of books to the social department for refugees and honorary members


Saarland supplies a remarkable commitment in accepting and supporting refugees. Both the Land admissions office in Lebach and communes are faced with huge challenges. Detlef Tilgenkamp considered education as the first and most important step of integration of refugees, that means it is…

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BONOFA donates for a climbing wall in youth center


BONOFA donated an unknown sum to a local youth center. This money helped to complete the outdoor facility where 45 boys and girls spend their time. In the outdoor facility there are now a climbing wall, a playground and a soccer field. The…

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Help for the Escuelita Cochabamba Association


The association Escuelita Cochabamba was founded in Saarland in autumn 2008. Their aim: helping children in Cochabamba (Bolivia) to get a new chance in life. A childrens home is being supported, especially with a focus on education and medical care. Now BONOFA has…

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BONOFA partners helping each other

Sandra Labouesse with Jessica Robard

Jessica Robard is from Guadeloupe and a passionate BONOFA partner. 2 weeks ago her house tragically burned down. She lost everything! Nothing was left of her possessions in the smothering ashes. In a small community like on Guadeloupe word spread quickly. Many BONOFA…

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BONOFA organizes football table for children’s home

Detlef Tilgenkamp and Kids

The year has passed by so fast and again it is Christmas time. Especially a time of year where the children and needy who have had a hard life could use a helping hand. Of course, BONOFA wants to lend a helping hand…

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